Style is where ethics and aesthetics mingle, where the hows and the whys blend together. Style is important, because it is unique and makes what we do unique.

We believe in the solid value of details well plucked and well positioned in a broad vision

the bite of a crampon on a gaiter, the breath frozen on a face, the twinkling of a tear that appears under the shades. We believe in details because they are once-off, because they make every story unique and different from the others. There’s plenty of ways for looking without seeing: the perfect and absolutely individual beauty of a flower make you forget the tree it clings on to, the valley where it grows, the water that fed its roots, the sky in which it juts out. In the same way, the totality of a breath-taking landscape would not exist, without each one of the small things it’s made of: in a sweep of fresh snow every single snowflake counts. We believe in the importance of looking and seeing.

We believe in a reasoned use of the heart

you need intelligence to tell emotions, because even the fairest smile is less worthy, if we don’t know why and for who, if we don’t know its story. What story to tell? To whom? With which instruments? We believe in the value of listening, of attention, of a strong and grounded analysis, starting point to build a storytelling that has head and tail; a narration able to collect the emotions we have in front of us, and to give them to those who listen. Telling emotions: it’s what we have chosen to do, and we feel emotional when doing it well.

We believe in standards, but also in variations

we like the jazzmen’s loyal infidelity. Striving for a solid repository of tested qualities? You need time, exercise, attempts: you have to repeat, reiterate, retry. Then you have to be able to ask yourself “what if … ?”. In that question, in that deviation, in the braveness you need to tread it all the way down and to acutely analyze it, without indulgences, there’s the key for excellence.

We believe, at last, that you need to get your hands dirty

to tell unique stories you don’t have to be afraid. You have to make first line, there where things happen, alongside the people who make them happen, without backing out. Sure, it’s not easy: it’s a tough job, there’s dust, and cold, and rain, and wind. There are bears and falling rocks. But telling a story well means giving sense to the things, creating identity, building culture. It’s important and beautiful work, and we are up for the extra mile. You have to be present and really concrete, to do something so abstract.

This is how it works. This is our style.

Matteo Vettorel

Co-Founder & Ceo

Damiano Levati

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Elena Caviola

Account Manager

Erica Donadon

Office Manager

Matteo Mocellin

Photographer & Filmer

Giorgio Saviane

Brand Strategist

Daniele Molineris


Giorgia Verì

Graphic Designer & Video Editor

Michela Scandinaro

Social Media Manager

Filippo Salvioni

Social Media Manager

Alex Faedda


Giovanni Spitale

Copy Strategist

Francesco Fantini




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